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The Maryland Mortgage Program helps homebuyers in Maryland achieve their dream of homeownership through a range of programs that make purchasing and owning a home more affordable.

Home Loan Programs

MMP home loans are available as either Government ​or Conventional insured loans. Government loans can be guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), or the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Rural Housing Service (USDA/RHS). Conventional loans may have higher interest rates but the private mortgage insurance cost could result in a lower overall monthly payment.

MMP has a dual track product line​ which includes the 1st Time Advantage loan products and the Flex products. We also offer some specialty loans for specific types of borrowers (with student debt, or purchasing in a particular location). Product enhancements may also be available (special assistance grants or mortgage credit certificates).

​Your individual situation will determine which loan option fits you best. Talk to one of our state-approved mortgage lenders​ to learn more.

MMP 1st Time Advantage

MMP 1st Time Advantage

Offers eligible first-time homebuyers the lowest 30-year fixed interest rate available from the program for a home loan. (Mortgage credit certificates may not be layered with 1st Time Advantage loan​s.)

MMP Flex Loans

MMP Flex Loans

30-year, fixed-rate home loan products accompanied by additional funds for down​ payment and closing costs. The assistance is available in the form of no-interest, deferred loan​.

Partner Match

Partner Match

Available only with 1st Time Advantage 6000 or Flex 6​000 loans​. Funds available through the Partner Match Program are provided in the form of a no-interest, deferred loan and may be used for down payment and closing costs.​ Talk to your loan officer for more information!

Maryland SmartBuy Program

​​Specialty Loans

Specific Jurisdictions

Specific​ Jurisdictions

Information and links for mortgage opportunities that are limited to certain geographic areas. Some of these are through the Maryland Mortgage Program, and others can be used with or in addition to our program.

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