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The Maryland Mortgage Program helps homebuyers in Maryland achieve their dream of homeownership through a range of programs that make purchasing and owning a home more affordable.

Home Loan Programs

MMP home loans are available as either Government ​or Conventional insured loans. Government loans can be guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), or the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Rural Housing Service (USDA/RHS). Conventional loans may have higher interest rates but the private mortgage insurance cost could result in a lower overall monthly payment.

MMP has a dual track product line​ which includes the 1st Time Advantage loan products and the Flex products. We also offer some specialty loans for specific types of borrowers (with student debt, or purchasing in a particular location). Product enhancements may also be available (special assistance grants or mortgage credit certificates).

​Your individual situation will determine which loan option fits you best. Talk to one of our state-approved mortgage lenders​ to learn more.

MMP 1st Time Advantage

MMP 1st Time Advantage

Offers eligible first-time homebuyers the lowest 30-year fixed interest rate available from the program for a home loan. (Mortgage credit certificates may not be layered with 1st Time Advantage loan​s.)

MMP Flex Loans

MMP Flex Loans

30-year, fixed-rate home loan products accompanied by additional funds for down​ payment and closing costs. The assistance is available in the form of no-interest, deferred loan​.

Partner Match

Partner Match

Available only with 1st Time Advantage 6000 or Flex 6​000 loans​. Funds available through the Partner Match Program are provided in the form of a no-interest, deferred loan and may be used for down payment and closing costs.​ Talk to your loan officer for more information!

Maryland SmartBuy Program

​​Specialty Loans

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