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​​​​​​ There are over 100 participating, state-approved, banks and mortgage companies throughout Maryland that can work with you to apply for a Maryland Mortgage Program home loan. All approved lenders are comprehensively trained to help homebuyers select and apply for a customized financing package, featuring a competitive home loan, down payment assistance, and other incentives that work for them.

All MMP lenders are approved to originate loans statewide. To find a lender with an origination branch in the area where you are purchasing, click on the drop-down box and select the county. Lenders are displayed from top to bottom in order of their experience helping borrowers apply for home loans through the Maryland Mortgage Program.​ Select an individual lender for branch and contact information.

You can also download a printable list of approved lenders (note: this does not include branch information).

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Become An Approved MMP Lender

Information on how to become an approved Maryland Mortgage Program lender, and opportunities for current partners to work with our Business Development team for training and professional development.