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The success of the Maryland Mortgage Program depends on the Marylan​d Department of Housing and Community Development’s partnership with Lender organizations, who work directly with borro​wers. Lenders provide information and guidance to eligible homebuyers, help them understand their eligibility for the program and manage all aspects of their loan application.

Partner News, Directives and Daily Interest Rate Sheet

Program Information​​

Program Information

Access program details, including product Fact Sheets, Interest Rates, loan documentation and application instructions, Directives / Notifications, compliance manuals and a list of eligible mortgage insurers.

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Become An Approved MMP Lender

Information on how to become an approved Maryland Mortgage Program lender, and opportunities for current partners to work ​with our Business Development team for training and professional development.

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Connect With Us

Sign up to receive program emails and alerts, and information on how to get in touch with us.

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