Maryland Mortgage Program Mapper

​​The Maryland Mortgage Program Mapper is an online tool that helps determine whether a property is located within one of the following geographic zones​:

Click the zone names above to learn more about how they affect eligibility for the Maryland Mortgage Program.

Get started with the Maryland Mortgage Program Mapper now, or keep reading to learn how to use this tool.

Maryland Mortgage Program Mapper Guide

Finding a Property

To locate a property, simply start typing the address in the Address Search bar at the top left of the mapper. Note that you'll get the best results if you allow the tool to autocomplete by starting to type the address, and selecting from the most suitable result in the dropdown list that appears below.

Adding and Removing Zone "Layers" on the Map

Each of the geographic​ zones (Targeted Areas, Sustainable Communities and Priority Funding Areas) shows on the map as a "layer", and each of these layers can be turned on and off in the map at any time.

To select zone layers, select the middle icon below the Address Search bar, and check / uncheck zone types to turn boundaries off and on. Note that you can also choose to see Maryland's County Boundaries and individual Property Boundaries in the ​same menu.

  • Targeted Areas, when selected, are shown with purple boundaries and dotted interior.
  • Sustainable Communities, when selected, are shown as orange solid blocks.
  • Priority Funding ​Areas, when selected, are shown as yellow solid blocks.

Note that the map shows all, or any combination of the layers, according to the selection(s) made in the Layer List menu. Sometimes, it may be necessary​ to turn certain layers off to determine whether other layers exist in a particular location.

Zooming in or out of the map to identify individual properties can be achieved using the +/- buttons at the top left of the map or scrolling with your mouse. On a mobile device, two-finger stretching and pinching will also zoom in and out. When you successfully search for a property or area using the Address Search bar, the map will automatically zoom in to show the result.