Real Estate Professionals

Realtor with For Sale SignFinding an experienced real estate professional to help in the search for a new home is an important step for most homebuyers. While a home purchase can be done without the services of a real estate agent, most homebuyers benefit from the experience of a good agent and the home listing and other information resources they have access to. ​​​​​

Finding a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are easy to find throughout Maryland. Agents advertise widely, or you may be able to check with someone you know who is a homeowner who can refer a trusted agent to you. However, working with an agent that is familiar with and understands the Maryland Mortgage Program may help identify properties that are eligible for financial support through our downpayment assistance and other programs, and this can help you make the most of the incentives available through MMP. ​​​​​

Maryland REALTORS® ( provides training to licensed real estate agents in Maryland focusing on first time homebuyer programs, especially the Maryland Mortgage Program. Upon completion of this training, agents receive their Housing Opportunity Certification (HOC), and this means that they can provide homebuyers with up-to-date and useful guidance on using the Maryland Mortgage Program​. ​​​​​

You can locate agents in your area that have achieved this certification by visiting Maryland REALTORS®’s homebuyer website at​. ​​​​​

Working with a Real Estate Agent


Real estate agents receive compensation for their services, and it’s important to understand how much an agent is being paid, who will be paying the agent, and whether you will be responsible for paying some or all of that amount.

A “seller’s agent” represents the seller and their interests. They are also sometimes referred to as the “listing agent.” This agent has a written brokerage agreement with the seller which outlines the services that agent will provide for the seller in the real estate transaction, including listing and marketing the property for sale to a buyer.

In contrast, a “buyer’s agent” works for the interests of the homebuyer under a written brokerage agreement. That agreement outlines the duties that agent will conduct for the buyer in locating and purchasing a property. If you as a buyer wish to have an agent represent you, you must enter into a written buyer agency agreement before that agent can conduct any brokerage services on your behalf.

Fees for brokerage services are paid according to the written brokerage agreement between the agent and the client (buyer or seller). You should always confirm with your agent what compensation will be paid in the transaction and which party will be responsible for payment.