​Questions about the Maryland Mortgage Program

The Maryland Mortgage Program, available through the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, provides home loans and down payment assistance to Maryland’s working families to encourage responsible homeownership and build strong communities, working through a network of Maryland Mortgage Program lender organizations.

Who can get a Maryland Mortgage Program loan?

You can apply for an Maryla​nd Mortgage Program loan if you are buying a residential property in Maryland that you will live in, and your household income is below a certain level – see Eligibility. As with all mortgage applications, underwriting standards apply, and lenders will take into account things like your income, credit history and employment situation when considering your application for an Maryland Mortgage Program loan.

The Maryland Mortgage Program is designed for a first-time homebuyer, who is defined as someone who has not owned (or been on title) for a principal residence anywhere in the last three years. However, exceptions are made for veterans who are using their exemption for the first time or borrowers who are purchasing in a targeted area (click here ​to learn more about targeted areas). Borrowers may not own any other real property at the time of settlement.

Can I get a home loan directly from the Department or the Community Development Administration?

No – our loan funds are provided through a network of lenders (banks and lending companies that you are probably already familiar with). Borrowers can choose from a wide range of lenders that offer Maryland Mortgage Program loan products.

What makes a Maryland Mortgage Program loan different from other home loans?

Maryland Mortgage Program loans are similar to, and competitive with, home loan products available elsewhere, but a major advantage is the availability of Down Payment Assistance and Partner Match Programs (up to $8,500 from the Department and possibly more from partner organizations), which provide significant help to borrowers in meeting upfront costs associated with purchasing a home.

These assistance programs are generally in the form of deferred, no-interest loans (although some Partner Match programs offer homebuyer grants). This means that you can use the funds now to get into a home, but repayment on those assistance loans will not be required until after the primary loan is paid off (or when you sell the property), with 0% interest due on the assistance loans.

Can I combine Down Payment Assistance and Partner Match contributions within a single loan application?

Yes – Down Payment Assistance and Partner Match programs can be added together, although eligibility for each program varies based on several factors. See the section on Down Payment Assistance and Partner Match Programs for more information.

Is the Maryland Mortgage Program funded by taxpayers?

The Community Development Administration (part of the Department of Housing and Community Development) raises funds to provide financing for individuals to purchase single family homes.

If you still have questions, call one of our Maryland Mortgage Program lender partners today.