State of Maryland Employees

​​The State of Maryland is a participating employer in the House Keys 4 Employees Program.

As a participating employer, the State provides financial assistance to active State of Maryland government employees (permanent and contractual employees) purchasing a home through the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) using a 1st Time Advantage 6000 or a Flex 6000 loan. The amount available to State employees through the House Keys 4 Employees Program is $2,500, which would be layered with the existing $6,000 for a total of $8,500 in a zero percent deferred loan.

To learn about how you can take advantage of this assistance, start by Finding a Lender so you can get pre-qualified for an MMP loan. Homebuyer education is required for all MMP borrowers purchasing a home.

State of Maryland Government employees DO NOT need to submit a "Verification of Partner Contribution" form with their loan application. State employees need to inform their Lender of their status as a State of Maryland employee, which the Lender will verify by reviewing the employee's pay stub (through POSC). (NOTE: Employees of quasi- or independent state agencies, or the University System of Maryland, are not considered State of Maryland Government employees for the purposes of this program.)

A further $1,000 in Down Payment Assistance through the Smart Keys 4 Employees (also an interest-free, deferred loan) may be available if the employee is purchasing a home that is:​

  1. Within 10 miles of their place of employment OR within the same County as the place of employment, AND
  2. The property is located in a Priority Funding Area.

If you are a State of Maryland employee purchasing a home in Baltimore City, you may be eligible for the Live Near Y​our Work program.