The Maryland HomeCredit Program provides eligible homebuyers with a federal tax credit that may be claimed annually, the value of which is equal to 25% of the value of mortgage interest payments (up to $2,000) paid each year, for the life of the loan (i.e. until payoff, sale, refinance ​or transfer).

A Maryland HomeCredit can save a homeow​ner tens of thousands of dollars over the life of a home loan, and makes owning a home even more affordable. Some fees apply.

Homebuyers apply for a Maryland HomeCredit through an approved mortgage lender at the same time as they apply for a home loan. Many, though not all, approved MMP mortgage lenders are approved to assist homebuyers with an application for a Maryland HomeCredit.

Calculating the Value of a Maryland HomeCredit

Calculating the Value of a Maryland HomeCredit

Maryland HomeCredit Fees

Processing fees are payable to the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (administrators of the Maryland Mortgage Program). These fees vary based on whether the homebuyer is also applying for a home loan through the Maryland Mortgage Program.

The mortgage lender completing the application on behalf of the homebuyer may also collect processing fees, at their discretion and up to maximum amounts.

  MMP Borrower Non-MMP Borrower
Standard Processing Fee $450 $1, 100
Lender Processing Fee Up to $350 Up to $700

Approved Maryland HomeCredit Mortgage Lenders

To find an approved Maryland HomeCredit Lender, go to our Find a Lender page​, and select the “Maryland HomeCredit” checkbox when searching for an approved MMP mortgage lender in your county (see below):