Lender Resources: Documents & Lender Online

​​​​This section provides Lenders with all documentation required to submit Maryland Mortgage Program and Down Payment Assistance loan applications, and provides guidance on the submission procedures.​​

A Few Words on Terminology

Given the importance of a complete and accurate mortgage application, consistency in how we refer to processes and documents is critical.


Securing a Maryland Mortgage Program loan from the Department of Housing and Community Development is likely to encompass two separate mortgages, since in most cases, a down payment assistance mortgage will be secured in addition to the first mortgage.

We will refer to these two loans as the “First Mortgage” (primary home loan) and “Second Mortgage” (Down Payment Assistance Loan) throughout this section. Each mortgage has unique documentation and a checklist outlining the required documentation that must be submitted for each loan.


A package of attachments is required to be submitted that consists of affidavits, forms and worksheets that confirm the eligibility status of an applicant for certain programs. Since the Maryland Mortgage Program brings together funding, authorization and support from several sources (e.g. - the Community Development ​Administration/Department of Housing and Community Development, Partner Organizations and Homebuyer Education providers), the naming conventions of the documents can vary.

For the sake of clarity, all affidavits, certificates, worksheets, attachments and notices will be referred to collectively in this section as “documents”, with the exception of “checklists” that will continue to be referred to separately.

Lender Online

Lender Online is an internet-based reservation and information system that allows Lenders to:

  • Register loans and lock interest rates via the internet and receive an immediate confirmation of the assigned Maryland Mortgage Program and Down Payment Assistance Loan Numbers;
  • Track loan statuses from reservation to the Department’s receipt of pre- & post-closing compliance packages and trailing documents (i.e. conditions);
  • Generate interactive versions of Maryland Mortgage Program forms with editable fields that are automatically populated by the data contained on Lender Online;
  • Generate pipeline reports including reports listing any outstanding Department compliance loan documentation and Master Servicer documentation;
  • Get important program announcements and interest rate updates; download program manuals, and training materials.

Registered users can access the ​Maryland Mortgage Program ​Lender Online portal. ​To obtain initial access or to reset your password, talk to your Lender Administrator.

Lenders should get all Maryland Mortgage Program and Down Payment Assistance loan documentation from Lender Online to ensure the most current versions and to enable pre-population and drop-downs where applicable. Loan packages are submitted electronically through Lender Online using eDocs.

For further guidance on how to manage Lender Online or to have questions answered, contact singlefamilyhousing.dhcd@maryland.gov.

US Bank – Master Servicer

U.S. Bank is the Master Servicer for the Department’s Maryland Mortgage Program and is ultimately responsible for purchasing the loans you originate under our program. They are a valued and necessary partner in the loan origination, closing and funding processes. While the Department is responsible for all of the compliance aspects of a Mortgage Revenue Bond loan application, U.S. Bank is responsible for ensuring that the loan application adheres to industry-acceptable underwriting standards and for funding your loans. Visit www.mrbp.usbank.com to access U.S. Bank’s website where you will find manuals, checklists, bulletins, documentation and other information that you need for a smooth loan process.

This training webinar, provided by U.S. Bank, has additional information and guidance for Maryland Mortgage Program Lenders.

Getting Your Loan Purchased

Your goal, with any loan application, is to have the loan purchased by U.S. Bank as quickly as possible so that you receive the highest Lender compensation on each loan. This section provides links to the documentation you’ll need and information on how to submit and track your loan package.

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