Buying a home is a big deal. For Marylanders just like you, it may be the single largest purchase you make, and will impact your family’s life for years to come.

For many people, becom​ing a homeowner can mean ​stability, greater control over how you live, and the potential for building wealth and equity for your family’s​​ future.

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You may have heard about the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) from a friend or a neighbor, from an ad you saw on a fast-moving bus or from a flyer you picked up at an event, and now you’re wondering if this program can help you move into a home of your own.

The Maryland Mortgage Prog​ram is a home loan program that’s right for many Marylanders, is a safe and secure loan from Maryland’s Housing Finance Agency, and has several important features:

More Information on Downpayment and Closing Cost AssistanceMore Information on Low Interest RatesMore informatoin on Homebuyer Education 

Getting started is easy - you don’t even need to be actively searching for your new home to take the first steps towards homeownership:


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