Get Started

If you’re ready to start looking for your new home, or apply for a home loan for a property you’ve already found, here’s a quick checklist to make sure you have everything you need.

Get in touch with a Lender

Finding the right lender to work with is critical, and is your first step. Not only is it important to get the right loan product for your circumstances, but your lender is someone who will help you navigate the process, provide advice, and answer any questions you have. Your lender can help you confirm your eligibility for Maryland Mortgage Program loan products, and will make sure you meet all the requirements, such as attending the right Homebuyer Education Course. Find a Lender

Check that you’re Eligible

The Program is available to borrowers who meet certain criteria. Income caps for eligibility depend on factors including the size of the household and where in Maryland property will be purchased. Check our Eligibility page to check whether you can apply for a Maryland Mortgage Program loan. Note: As with all mortgage applications, being eligible to apply does not guarantee approval, and lenders will take into account things like your income, credit history and employment situation when considering your application for a Maryland Mortgage Program​ loan. ​Check Eligibility

Complete a Homebuyer Education Course

Completing a Homebuyer Education prepares you to make the right decisions when purchasing your home, and qualifies you to receive substantial Down Payment Assistance and additional financial help through our Partner Match Programs (learn more about these programs). Homebuyer Education courses are available throughout Maryland, and are provided by a range of Community and Non-Profit organizations as well as local government housing agencies.
Find a Course

Check to see if you’re eligible for Down Payment Assistance and Partner Match Programs

Coming up with the money for a down payment and other upfront costs is often the largest hurdle facing first-time homebuyers. Even with a Federal Housing Administration mortgage that requires a low down payment, these expenses usually total several thousand dollars. Fortunately, the Maryland Mortgage Program provides help in the form of down payment assistance, alongside a range of Partner Match programs from employers, developers and community organizations that can cover down payment and closing costs. These programs may make it possible for first-time homebuyers to afford a mortgage when they would not be able to do so the conventional way. View More ​​​​​