The Maryland Mortgage Loan Assist home loan products give eligible homebuyers an affordable home loan through up-front financial assistance to help with downpayment and closing costs. For homebuyers who can afford the ongoing costs of homeownership, Loan Assist products can be the key to achieving homeownership by reducing initial financial barriers. ​​​​​

Loan Assist home loan

Homebuyers who use one of our Loan Assist products receive a combination of upfront financial assistance and low interest rates, making homeownership affordable at the time of purchase and in the years ahead. Downpayment and closing cost assistance is provided in the form of an additional no-interest, deferred loan. No repayments are required on this second loan through the life of the loan, and interest does not accumulate, meaning that when you repay it, you do so with the exact amount you borrowed, even 30 years later. ​​​​​

Homebuyers can get up to $5,000 in downpayment and closing cost assistance through Loan Assist products, with additional up-front financial support available through other programs that can be combined, such as Partner Match and Smart Keys 4 Employees. ​​​​​

Available Loan Assist Products


Find information on HomeAbility on its product page​.

Maryland Mortgage Premier

Maryland Mortgage Premier is the original and flagship MMP homeownership assistance program, providing a competitive interest rate in addition to a no-interest, deferred loan of up to $5,000 that can be used to cover downpayment and closing costs.
​Eligibility: standard MMP eligibility​ applies.​

Maryland SmartBuy

Find information on Maryland SmartBuy on its product page​.

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