​Maryland Mortgage Grant Assist Program


The Maryland Mortgage Grant Assist Program gives eligible homebuyers an outright grant valued at 4% of the first mortgage. The funds can be used for down payment or closing costs for conventional loans. For government loans, it can be used only for closing costs. The grant funds never need to be repaid. If the grant exceeds your closing costs, the remaining funds are applied to principal reduction.

This program is available as part of a home loan through the Maryland Mortgage Program, which has made homeownership more affordable for thousands of families, and comes with the security that only the state's flagship homeownership program can provide.



Getting Started

If you're ready to take advantage of this special program: 

  1. Talk to a Lender - Your lender can help you confirm your eligibility for the Grant Assist Program and will make sure you meet all the requirements, such as attending the right Homebuyer Education Class.  
  2. Check Your Eligibility to see whether you can apply for a  Maryland Mortgage Program loan. Note that being eligible to apply does not guarantee approval, and lenders will take into account things like your income, credit history and employment situation when considering your application.
  3. Complete a Homebuyer Education Class - Completing a Homebuyer Education prepares you to make the right decisions when purchasing your home.  Homebuyer Education classes are available throughout Maryland, and are provided by a range of Community and Non-Profit organizati​ons as well as local government housing agencies.​​​​