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Completing a Homebuyer Education class prepares you to make the right decisions when purchasing your home, and qualifies you to receive substantial Down Payment Assistance and additional financial help through our Partner Match Programs (learn more about these programs).

Special Requirements

For many borrowers in Maryland, completing any of the listed Homebuyer Education classes will qualify you for Down Payment Assistance and Partner Match programs (your lender will include your certificate of completion in your loan documentation).

Before you sign up for a homebuyer education class, you should talk to one of our Lender Partners to make sure your class is approved for a mortgage and Down Payment Assistance through the Maryland Mortgage Program, as there are special requirements for Homebuyer Education in some parts of the state. These apply to the location of the home you are seeking to purchase, and not the location of your current residence (if different).

If you’re purchasing a home in one of these areas, and you do not complete Homebuyer Education according to the requirements below, you risk having your loan application denied.

Requirements (only applies if the home loan program requires homebuyer education as an eligibility requirement)
Anne Arundel
  • Homebuyer Education must be provided by a HUD-Approved housing counseling agency.
  • The borrower must complete a Homebuyer Education class that includes at least eight hours of education on credit, budget, savings, the settlement process, and mortgage products.
  • NOTE: ​The City of Annapolis does not have special requirements for homebuyer education.​
Baltimore City
  • First-Time Homebuyers (see “Definitions” below) must complete Homebuyer Education with an organization approved by Baltimore City, and obtain a certificate of completion BEFORE entering into a contract of sale to purchase a home.
  • Move-Up Homebuyers (see “Definitions” below) must complete Homebuyer Education with an organization approved by Baltimore City, and obtain a certificate of completion BEFORE CLOSING.
Baltimore County
  • Homebuyer Education must be received from one of the following agencies:
    • Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc.
    • Diversified Housing Development
    • Eastside Community Development Corp., Inc.
    • Harbel Housing Partnership Program
    • St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center​​ 
  • Workshop and individual counseling must be completed and a certificate of completion received BEFORE the borrower enters into a contract of sale to purchase a home.
  • Homebuyer Education must include a minimum of two hours of one-on-one, face-to-face counseling and three hours of workshop counseling. The counseling must be conducted by a HUD-approved housing counseling agency or by a lender that uses the services of a mortgage insurer with an established education/counseling program.​

Definitions - A “First-Time Homebuyer” is defined as someone who has not owned a principal residence in the last three years. A “Move-Up Homebuyer” is someone who has owned a principal residence in the last three years, and is purchasing a new home.  To qualify for Maryland Mortgage Program loan products, Move-Up Homebuyers must sell their currently-owned residential property before purchasing their new home.

Class Providers

Homebuyer Education classes are available throughout Maryland and online, and are provided by a range of Community and Non-Profit organizations as well as local government housing agencies. Some providers charge a fee for attending classes – call the class provider for details.

Online Homebuyer Education Classes

Online classes are available for homebuyers purchasing in counties that don't have special requirements for in-person education - see section on "Special Requirements" at the top of this page before selecting one of the following online courses:

Homebuyer Education Classes

To find classes in your part of the state, choose the county where you are purchasing, and class providers in in that part of the state will be listed. Make sure you check the colored tabs to the right of the class provider's name in the list below to ensure that the homebuyer education class selected meets the requirements of the jurisdiction in which you are purchasing. If a counseling agency has bi-lingual staff, that will also be indicated with a colored tab, but classes may only be offered in English - please check with the agency.

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